What is a Detection Bill

Mepco is responsible for electricity distribution in 13 South and Central Punjab districts. Mepco produces on its own, purchases electricity from IPPs, and distributes it to consumers, domestic and commercial. Electricity theft is the most common issue in Pakistan, especially in the mepco region. Many Mepco consumers are indulging in the theft of electricity, due to which mepco faces heavy losses.

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A detection bill is presented to the consumer in addition to a chronic consumption bill when the difference is exposed in the electricity meter eventually, or when theft or other illegal activities are detected. Mepco’s system of charging detection bills is very clear towards domestic consumers having loaded up to 5kW. The detection bill would be charged for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • A hole was detected in the meter
  • Electricity theft through shunt/loops on the terminal box
  • Slow and tempered meter
  • Hooking

Detection Bill Policy

If any mepco consumer is found attaching to a power line without permission, he’ll accused under Sections 39 & 39-A of the Electricity Act-1910 if caught. The Police will get involved, and you’ll have to pay for the electricity you’ve used illegally, as mentioned in Section 48. To calculate what you are obligated to, they’ll use Section 26-A. And if you’re the owner or occupant of the place where the illegal connection was made, you’re on the hook for the bill. Detection policies about energy theft, direct hooking, slowness of meter, disputes, litigation, and recovery are mentioned below.

  • Detection of billing for theft of energy
  • Detection billing for direct hooking
  • Detection billing on account of slowness
  • Detection of bill’s disputes/litigation
  • Detection bill’s recovery

An estimated bill is proposed and charged because of less billing due to technical/administrative grounds.

Mepco has established customer care centers in all sub-divisions, divisions, circles, and HQ levels, facilitating its consumers’ requests to correct wrong bills.

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