Federal Minister for Power Briefed Cabinet about Saudi Investment

In a significant development for Pakistan’s energy sector, the Federal Minister for Energy, Sardar Owais Leghari recently attended a meeting with Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. The core meeting agenda is to plan for substantial Saudi investments in Pakistan’s energy infrastructure. Under the watchful eye of Minister Leghari, key stakeholders gathered to deliberate on the proposed collaboration between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The agenda centered on encouraging mutual investment opportunities, mainly supporting Pakistan’s energy sector.

meeting about Saudi investment

During the session, attendees were briefed on the upcoming arrival of Saudi Arabia’s esteemed business community in Pakistan. This visit holds significant promise, signaling Saudi Arabia’s keen interest in exploring and capitalizing on investment avenues within Pakistan, particularly in the energy sector.

Addressing Energy Crises in Pakistan

Pakistan’s energy landscape has long struggled with challenges ranging from infrastructure deficiencies to supply-demand variation. The potential infusion of $30 billion in Saudi investments presents a symbol of hope, offering the prospect of modernizing and securing the nation’s energy infrastructure and many other projects. Minister Leghari emphasized the strategic importance of forging robust partnerships with Saudi Arabia. He articulated Pakistan’s commitment to promoting an environment friendly to foreign investments, emphasizing the nation’s determination to overcome energy-related issues.

Saudi Investment is Pathway to Progress

The envisioned cooperation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia indicates a new era of economic alliance and shared prosperity. Both nations aim to chart a pathway toward sustainable development and energy security through joint efforts and strategic alliances.


As Pakistan gears up to welcome the upcoming Saudi business delegation, anticipation brims regarding the transformative potential of this growing partnership. With Minister Leghari at the helm, Pakistan is dedicated to utilizing external investments to activate socio-economic progress and address pressing energy imperatives.

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