New Fixed Charges on Electricity Bills in Pakistan Starting July 2024

Starting July 1, 2024, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) will introduce new fixed charges on electricity bills of domestic consumers. This change is part of a new electricity tariff structure focusing on streamlining billing and ensuring a more stable revenue stream for the power sector.

Fixed Charges on Electricity Bills

NEPRA has proposed monthly fixed charges ranging from Rs200 to Rs1,000, depending on the monthly electricity consumption. The government will review and approve these charges, which are expected to help manage the financial sustainability of electricity companies like MEPCO.

Fixed Charges on Electricity Bills

Fixed Charges Summary:

The summary of fixed charges on electricity bills is as follows:

  • 301-400 units/month: Rs200
  • 401-500 units/month: Rs400
  • 501-600 units/month: Rs600
  • 601-700 units/month: Rs800
  • Above 700 units/month: Rs1,000

Additionally, residential consumers using the Time of Use (ToU) meter will be charged Rs1,000 monthly.

Commercial Consumers

Commercial electricity users will also see changes:

  • Loads less than 5kW: Rs1,000/month
  • Loads 5kW and above: Rs2,000/month (up from Rs500)

Impact on Total Electricity Costs

The total cost of electricity units contains 72% fixed charges and 28% variable charges. Introducing fixed charges is designed to provide a more predictable and balanced revenue flow for electricity providers, which can help plan and maintain the infrastructure required to supply electricity.

Recent Changes in Electricity Tariff

Following the Budget 2024-25 announcement, the federal government increased the basic electricity tariff by Rs5.72 per unit and Rs 3.41 per unit in fuel price adjustment. NEPRA announced that the average basic electricity tariff will rise to Rs35.50 per unit from Rs29.78. This increase is part of broader efforts to address the power sector’s financial challenges, including reducing subsidies and managing the rising cost of fuel and other inputs.

Impact on Consumers

The new fixed charges on electricity bills and increased introductory tariff rates will likely impact households and businesses differently. While the fixed charges provide predictability in monthly bills, the higher tariffs may increase the overall cost of electricity, especially for high-consumption users. Consumers are encouraged to adopt energy-saving measures to reduce the impact of these changes on their monthly bills.

Government’s Logic

The government and NEPRA have highlighted several reasons for these changes:

1. Financial Stability: Ensuring the power sector remains financially likely to prevent frequent power outages and maintain consistent supply.

2. Infrastructure Improvement: Generating sufficient revenue to invest in upgrading the electricity infrastructure, reducing losses, and improving efficiency.

3. Reducing Subsidies: Gradually reducing the reliance on government subsidies to make the sector more self-sufficient.

Public Response and Future Outlook

The public response to these changes has been mixed. Some consumers understand the need for a sustainable electricity supply and are willing to bear the additional cost, while others are concerned about electricity affordability. NEPRA and the government have committed to monitoring the impact of these changes and making adjustments, if necessary, to balance consumers’ needs and the power sector’s financial health.

Overall, these changes mark a significant shift in how electricity is billed and managed in Pakistan, with long-term implications for consumers and the power industry.

We await the government’s final decision on this proposal, which will determine the future costs for millions of households using electricity nationwide. If fixed charges on electricity bills are imposed, there will be high inflation throughout the country.


According to NEPRA, fixed charges on electricity bills will vary based on monthly consumption and are included in the average basic electricity tariff of Rs 5.72 per unit. The tariff will be imposed in July 2024 after the Federal Government approves it.

Fix Charges Summary:

  • 301-400 units/month: Rs200
  • 401-500 units/month: Rs400
  • 501-600 units/month: Rs600
  • 601-700 units/month: Rs800
  • Above 700 units/month: Rs1,000

Mepco unit rates for domestic connections are shown below.

Tariff CategoryVariable Charges with PYA
1 – 100 units7.74
101-200 units16.48
201-300 units22.95
301-400 units27.14
401-500 units24.4
501-600 units24.91
601-700 units26.15
Time of UsePeak-28.64
Off-peak -21.26
Mepco unit price today

Now you can estimate your mepco consumer bill with mepco bill calculator facility.

A-1 General Supply Tariff – ResidentialWapda Unit Price
1 – 100 units16.48
101-200 units22.95
201-300 units27.14
Mepco One unit price

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