Mepco Bill Installments

Everyone worries about increasing electricity prices day by day. Many consumers can’t pay the whole bill at a time. In this scenario, they might be surprised if they can pay the mepco bill in installments over time. In Pakistan, Mepco (Multan Electric Power Company) is determined to give its consumers better facilities. Therefore, they do this by benefaction installment plans for mepco bill payments. You can split the mepco bill into smaller payments and pay it off moderately. Each power production company has its installment plans, but they all obey the directives set by NEPRA. This ensures that every mepco consumer gets equitable when paying their mepco electricity bills.

Mepco Installment Plans

People often get hit with high mepco bills, especially with companies like MEPCO. The main reason for this is when the previous bill showed zero due to system errors, suddenly, a big amount comes into view in the next month’s bill. Mostly, it happens due to glitches in the billing system, especially when the Management Information System (MIS) of mepco doesn’t work properly. The Mepco installment plans and Official Authorities are mentioned below in the table.

mepco bill installment
CategoriesCEOCE/CSDManager OperationsDMOAMO/AMC
Running ConnectionFully1.0 Million / 12 equal InstallmentsRs: 200,000/-
4 installments
Rs: 25000/-
Rs: 10,000/-
Disconnected ConnectionFully1.0 Million / 6 equal InstalmentsRs: 500,000/-
3 Installments
Rs: 100,000/-
Rs: 20,000/-
Due Date ExtensionFull Power up to 10 days0.5 Million/maximum 5 daysRs: 200,000/-
5 days
Rs: 25000/-
Rs: 10000/-
Suspension of Running ConnectionFully1.0 Million / 60 daysRs: 500,000/-
1 month
Rs: 100000/-
One month
Rs: 5000/-
1 month

Banks that Accept Mepco Bill in Installments

After the completion of the installment process, Mepco consumers can pay their Mepco bills at any nearest bank or post office. This guide explains which banks and post offices receive the mepco bills listed below.

BanksWebsitesPost Office
HBLhbl.comRelated Post Office


MEPCO’s electricity bill installment facility supports people who want to keep their homes bright without feeling devastated by high bills. It’s a really easy process. Just let them know you want to pay your Mepco bill in installments, and they will make it manageable. Then, instead of paying the whole bill instantly, you can pay it in more manageable installments. It’s simple and designed to make life easier for mepco consumers.

Mepco may disconnect your electricity connection and impose a late fee surcharge if you do not pay the bill in time.

Mepco has established customer care centers in all sub-divisions, divisions, Circle, and HQ levels to facilitate the consumer’s requests for installments, date of extension, and other bill related issues.

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