Mepco New Connection

Are you looking to install a mepco new connection but don’t know how? Don’t worry! Just visit your relevant mepco office to get the application form or apply online to your relevant distribution company website.

mepco new connection mepco bill

Fill out the form accordingly in the mentioned field above, upload scanned copies of related documents, and apply a mepco new connection.

Mepco New Connection Procedure:

Follow the steps below for a new mepco connection.

  • Get the free Application form (Urdu and English) through the relevant office or apply online here for a new mepco connection.
  • Attach the documents listed below and submit them to the relevant office.
  • Take three copies of the application form.
  • Attested copy of relevant tariff of the consumer and witnesses. (no witness signature required in case of domestic and commercial single-phase connection)
  • Attest these documents (ownership proof, registry, allotment letter in case of housing colony, draft, and sale deed) through the Oath Commissioner, Notary Public, or Grade One Gazetted officer.
  •  The applicant is undertaking in case they don’t have a connection in the desired place or have no arrears. Suppose there are any arrears, then adhere to them.
  • Power of attorney paper should be required in case of more than one owner.
  • No objection certificate (NOC) is required if an applicant is a tenant.
  • Attested copies of the applicant’s CNIC are required.
  • Attested copies of witnesses’ CNIC are required (no need in case of a single-phase meter).

Additional Documents for Industrial Applicants:

  • Connection on company name and Power of attorney papers (in favor of the applicant through other owners) are required in case of one or more owners, that he signs an agreement to the distribution company and follows the application.
  • Map of the desired place of connection of the applicants. 
  • An Incorporation Certificate is required in the case of Limited and Private Limited Companies.
  • Attested copies of CNIC and complete address should be required of the Board of Directors members. 
  • According to Form 29, NOC is required through all Directors on the company’s letterhead.

Additional Documents for a name change:

The relevant Revenue Officer issued a clearance certificate, which mentioned no arrears on the applicant.

Reduction or Deduction of Load:

The relevant electric officer issued the report on the wiring test (in case of reduction and extension of load).

If you have already submitted an application for a new connection and want to know the application’s status, you can visit the relevant office or call the helpline. If you desire to see the mepco bill for your new connection, you can see it here

Time Required for New Connection:

Consumers usually ask what time is required to get the new connection. It depends on the category of the connection. As reported by mepco, there are three types of mepco connections according to load.

Category-1 (up to 15 kW)

  • The relevant SDO / Assistant Manager Operation will approve the mepco new connection.
  • The relevant Office will issue a seniority number and a receipt for submitting the associated documents and application form to the applicant. (01-day).
  • The Associated Office will examine where a mepco new connection is required to ensure the possibility of setting up the new connection. If it is impossible, staff will inform the applicant of the reasons. (3-days)
  • If installing the mepco new connection in the applicant’s desired place is possible, the office will generate the estimated cost. (2-days)
  • After the approval of the cost estimation of installing the mepco new connection, the Mepco Demand Notice for connection and security will be provided to the applicant by hand or sent by post. (02 days)
  • The applicant will deposit a demand notice fee to the nearest bank and submit the bank receipt to the associated mepco office. (2-days)
  • The applicant will provide a wiring test certificate, and the associate office will verify it. (3-days)
  • The relevant office will produce a priority applicant list according to their dues submission date. (1day)
  • The relevant office will issue orders for service connections. (3days)
  • The relevant office will contact the store to provide the required gadgets (meter, wires, installation kit) for installing a connection. (3days)
  • The associated store will issue the required installation gadgets for connection. (5days)
  • The SDO / Assistant Manager Operation’s office will install the mepco new connection after receiving the gadgets. (5days)

Total expected days: 30

Category 2 (16-70kW / 400volt)

The category-2 new mepco connection procedure is the same as category 1 mentioned above. But 44 days are required to complete the category-2 new connection installation process. The associated XEN / Deputy manager operation will approve the application.

Category 3 (71-500kW / 400 volt)

The procedure of category-3 new mepco connection is the same as category-1 and 2 mentioned above. However, 73 days are required to complete the installation process of the new category-3 connection. SE / Manager Operations will approve the application.