Electricity Theft in Pakistan

Electricity theft, often referred to as “hooking,” has been a persistent issue in Pakistan, contributing significantly to the country’s ongoing power supply problems. This illicit practice involves tapping into power lines to siphon electricity without proper authorization or payment, leading to substantial losses for utility companies and exacerbating the already critical electricity shortages.

These shortages frequently trigger street protests across Pakistan, as citizens express their frustration over frequent power outages and the poor performance of the national grid. Despite the public outcry and repeated demonstrations, the government has struggled to implement effective solutions to stabilize the power supply and address the systemic issues within the electrical infrastructure.

electricity theft

Addressing electricity theft is crucial not only because it is illegal but also because it exacerbates the load-shedding crisis, where power is deliberately cut off to conserve energy. In response to directives from both federal and provincial governments, the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) has intensified its efforts to curb electricity theft. This includes deploying specialized teams to identify and dismantle illegal connections, and implementing advanced metering infrastructure to detect irregularities in power consumption.

However, the fight against electricity theft is not solely the responsibility of the authorities. Public cooperation is vital in combating this menace. Community members play a crucial role by reporting incidents of theft, thereby helping to safeguard the integrity of the power supply system. If you witness any instances of electricity theft, you are encouraged to report them using the contact numbers provided below.

How to Stop Electricity Theft

By working together, both authorities and citizens can help mitigate the impact of electricity theft, ensuring a more stable and reliable power supply for everyone. It is through collective vigilance and proactive measures that Pakistan can hope to overcome its energy challenges and improve the quality of life for its people.

Mepco Customer Service Number: 118

Mepco Complaint No: 0304-0927000

Mepco SDO Contact Number: 0319-9758770

For complaint regarding Electricity theft and over billing, please contact below mentioned numbers.

Federal Complaint Cell Number: 051-9204430 | 051-9206834

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