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At, you can check Mepco bill online. It is simple to observe your mepco electricity bill’s 14-digit Reference no, 10-digit Consumer ID, consumed units, meter reading date, bill issue date, last 12 months’ payment history, payable amounts, payable amount within the due date, and payable amount after the due date, in the image given below.


Similarly, If you’re looking at mepco mis or curious about mepco gov pk or www mepco com pk to mepco bill check, insert your reference number or consumer ID or mepco online bill enter 14-digit in the abovementioned fields. It is not difficult to use to find your mepcobill.

How to Check MEPCO Bill:

Three simple steps are shown below to see mepco bill online.

  • For mepco online bill check, visit our website:
  • Insert a 14-digit reference number or 10-digit consumer ID.
  • You can see your mepcobill with the payable amount and due date.

In this video, consumers can see how they can quickly check their mepco bijli bill.

How to Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number:

Visit on your mobile or PC.

Select the consumer ID option for online mepco bill checks.

Enter a 10-digit consumer ID in the search bar.

Press the generate button and see your mepco web bill.

You can also print it to get a Mepco duplicate bill.

The back of the Mepco bil displays information about electricity theft, overbilling, tips to save electricity, and Peak and off-peak hours.

mepco bill back side

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Mepco consumers can calculate their bills independently for the first time using the Mepco bill calculator. The Mepco calculator is easy to use; just put your monthly routine units in it and check your upcoming bill mepco with details. However, there could be a minor dissimilarity between the actual and approximated bills due to additional taxes applied to the particular customers.

About MEPCO:

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is a public limited company and Pakistan’s largest distribution company. It was established on May 14, 1998. The purpose of establishing such a company is to ensure the convenient availability of high-power electricity. Through this vision, the company will make the agricultural and industrial sectors competitive in the world market.

MEPCO is responsible for accommodating 13 administrative districts of South Punjab. MEPCO controls this vast area through its nine operational circles, which are Mepco Multan, Mepco Sahiwal, Mepco Bahawalpur, Mepco Khanewal, Mepco Rahim Yar Khan, Mepco DG Khan, Mepco Muzaffargarh, Mepco Vehari, and Mepco Bahawalnagar. Mepco’s objective is to provide a trustable, safe, and affordable price of electricity to domestic, commercial, and agricultural consumers.

MEPCO Region:

Mepco is responsible for delivering electricity in the cities of Central and South Punjab, which are listed below.

Muzaffar GarhLodhranPakpattanVehari
Rahim Yar KhanRajan PurLayyahBahawalnagar
Dera Ghazi Khan
mepco online bill

Taxes In MEPCO Bill:

Different taxes, duties, fees, and surcharges are recovered through mepcobill from different user categories. A summary of taxes and duties is listed below.

Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA):

Power Companies generate electricity through Crude oil. According to the Nepra notification, FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment) is based on the difference between a month’s actual fuel charges component and the reference fuel charges component. If the variation is positive, then the average amount is added to the consumer’s bill, and In the negative variation, the consumer is given a benefit.

General Sales Tax (GST):

It is applied to all consumers at 17% of electricity bills under a section of the Sales Tax Act 1990.

Financial Cost Surcharge:

FC Surcharge is applied to all consumers at Rs:0.43/kWh except for lifeline domestic users.

Electricity duty:

It would apply to all consumers, ranging from 1% to 1.5% of variable charges.

Income Tax:

It is applied to consumers at different rates depending on the amount of the electricity bill and the applicable tariff.

Sales Tax:

Commercial users will pay 5%  on bills up to Rs: 20000/- and 7.5% on bills exceeding Rs: 20000/-.

Further Tax:

It charges 3% to all users with no Sales Tax Return Number except domestic, agricultural, majority users, and street light connections.

Extra Tax:

It is for commercial and industrial users (not registered in the active taxpayer list of FBR) at 5% to 17% on various bill amount slabs.

PTV License Fee:

Rs: 35/- for domestic consumers and Rs: 60 for commercial consumers charged in electricity bills.

If you need to estimate or calculate bill amounts, use the mepco bill calculator here.

If you want to know what you are paying for one unit of electricity in Pakistan or the mepco one unit rate, click here for the mepco tariff rate.

protected non protected consumer tariff rates 2024
Protected / Non-Protected Tariff Rates 2024

MEPCO Services:

Mepco facilitates various services for consumers. Consumers should take advantage of these services, which are listed below.

Mepco New Connection or Transfer Procedure:

For a new mepco connection, you can visit the nearest mepco office to get the application form or apply online through ENC. After buying a new house, it was observed that the mepco electricity connection had already been installed in the previous owner’s name. If you want to change the bill ownership, you will follow the same procedure as the new electricity Connection. You can also visit the nearest Mepco Office for a change of ownership.

Extension of Due Date:

You often can’t pay your Mepco electricity bill before the due date. Because of this, an LP Surcharge for not paying is imposed on your bill. If you don’t want to pay that surcharge and wish to enhance the bill’s due date, contact these Mepco Officers, who can extend the bill’s due date.

  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can increase the ten-day due date.
  • The Chief Engineer (CE) and Customer Service Director (CSD) can increase the five-day due date of bills up to Rs: 500,00/-
  • Manager Operations (MO) can increase the five-day due date of bills up to Rs: 200,000/-
  • Deputy Manager Operations (DMO) can increase the three-day due date of bills up to Rs: 25000/-
  • Assistant Manager Operations (AMO) can increase the three-day due date of bills up to Rs: 10000/-

MEPCO Bill Installment Procedure:

Everyone worries about increasing electricity prices daily. Many consumers can’t afford to pay the whole bill at once. You can use the Mepco bill installments facility to contact the authorities below. 

  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has full authority over any installment plan for domestic, commercial, and agricultural bills. 
  • The Chief Engineer (CE) and Customer Service Director (CSD) can permit 12 installments for active connections and six installments for deactivated connections for bills up to Rs: 10,00,000/-
  • Manager Operations (MO) can permit four installments for bills up to Rs: 200,000/- for active connections and Rs: 500,000/- for deactivated connections.
  • The Deputy Manager of Operations (DMO) can permit three installments for bills up to Rs 200,000/—for running connections and Rs 100,000/—for deactivated connections. 
  • The Assistant Manager Operations (AMO) can permit three installments for bills up to Rs: 10,000/—for active connections and Rs: 20,000/—for deactivated connections.

Instant Billing Information:

You can access your bill through the mepco bill SMS registration or Email. You can access your bill details via SMS by typing pitc<space><14-digit reference number without space> and sending it to 8334.

To receive bills via email, visit the nearest Sub-Divisional Office to enroll your Contact Number and Email ID.

Save Electricity to Reduce MEPCO Bill:

The following tips will help you decrease your Mepco bill in the summer. Read detailed tips here.

  • Turn off additional lights. 
  • Use energy-saving lights instead of traditional bulbs.
  • Consumers should use decreasing energy-consuming devices such as Air Conditioners, Irons, water pumps, electric heaters, microwave ovens, washing machines, and electric cattle. 
  • Consumers should maintain low electricity usage between 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • Consumers should turn off electric devices through a switch instead of lying on standby mode. 
  • Always have the air conditioner’s thermostat adjusted to 26 degrees. 
  • Utilize the sun’s light more and more in offices.
  • Decrease the usage of electric stairs in shopping malls.
  • Upon a customer’s arrival in the shop, the merchandiser should turn on additional lights. Otherwise, essential lights should remain on.
  • Increase the usage of low-power consumption machines in industries.
  • For wiring, always use standardizer cables.
  • Unplug the charger after the mobile is charged.
  • Proper insulation keeps your house warm in winter and summer, reducing the need for heating and cooling.
  • A white roof reflects sunlight and helps keep your home cooler naturally.

Install TOU/TOD Meter:

According to the Nepra tariff, the TOU/TOD meters have been installed on those connections with a load of 5kw or more. Tariffs are applied to them according to Peak Hours and Off-peak Hours. Therefore, consume less electricity during peak hours and take advantage of off-peak tariffs. If your approved load is less than 5kw, then you can apply in the relevant Sub Division for application to install a TOU meter.

mepco meter

MEPCO Peak Hours:

Mepco intends to decrease electricity consumption during peak hours to take advantage of off-peak tariff rates. This will also help reduce your electricity bill. Refer to the table below for Mepco and electricity peak hours.

Peak Hours (Season)Mepco Peak Hours TimingOff-Peak Timing
December to February5 pm to 9 pmRemaining 20 hours
March to May6 pm to 10 pmRemaining 20 hours
June to August7 pm to 11 pmRemaining 20 hours
September to November6 pm to 10 pmRemaining 20 hours
Electricity peak hours
mepco peak and off-peak hours

Public Safety Guidelines by MEPCO:

Mepco announces official consumer safety guidelines. Please read them carefully to avoid any loss.

  • If you find a pole with a current or an electricity line lying on the ground, inform the nearest Mepco Complaint Center or call the Mepco helpline at 061-9220169.
  • Avoid hanging clothes on electricity wires.
  • Animals should stay away from binding to electricity poles.
  • Always use quality wires, switches, and plugs.
  • Always use a three-pin shoe for all electrical appliances and devices.
  • All electrical devices are kept out of the reach of children,
  • Bare wires for electricity extensions are very harmful. Use proper wire for safety measures. 
  • Don’t touch these appliances, such as electric motors, pedestal fans, and metallic washing machines, with wet hands.  
  • Always use an automatic voltage regulator, proper capacitors, MCBs with air conditioners, and proper-size fuses at each stage.

Customer Complaint Management System:

Customer satisfaction is an asset to every company. Therefore, The Ministry of Energy introduced an online complaint system called the Customer Complaint Management System. Mepco staff are committed to resolving the issues on a priority basis to facilitate the consumer immediately.

mepco online complaint

Register and Track Complaints:

  • Visit the CCMS site
  • Click on the Register Complaint tab.
  •  Insert a 14-digit reference number, mobile number, or CNIC 
  • Select an account and register your complaint accordingly.
  • Click ‘Track by Reference’ in the navigation bar to track complaints.
  • Insert the reference number and search.
  • You can easily see the status of the MEPCO Complaint online.

MEPCO Telephone Directory:

Mepco’s dedication to providing quality customer care services to consumers is priceless. In case of any emergency or complaint about electricity, unexpected load shedding, or meter tracking, feel free to call 0800-63726. 

You can contact the Mepco Helpline or the numbers below to check the application status or complain about unexpected load shedding, load management, electricity cut-off, mepco detection bill, overbilling, theft of electricity, or any other concerns.





MEPCO Complaint Channels:

MEPCO online: Contact # 118

SMS @ 8118


  • Visit 
  • Insert your 10-digit Customer ID in the given field.
  • Click on generate to view the mepco consumer bill.
  • For online MEPCO bills, visit
  • Insert your 14-digit Reference number in the given field.
  • Click on generate to see online bill check MEPCO.
  • Visit 
  • Insert your 14-digit Reference number or 10-digit customer ID in the given field.
  • Click on generate to check the previously paid status of the online bill MEPCO.

No, you can’t check mepco bill with your CNIC number. You need a 14-digit reference number or a 10-digit consumer ID to check mepco bill online. Also, there is no facility for mepco bill online check by cnic