The Growth of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online shopping in Pakistan is steadily pacing up. Hundreds of online retail stores, from mobile phones to home appliances and clothing, are now turning to the Internet to begin selling their products online.

As the use of computers and smartphones become more prevalent, the traditional online shopping behavior of customers have also changed rapidly.

In years gone by, shopping was done by either walking into a retail outlet or going through the checkout lines at a supermarket. Today, however, shopping online has turned into a multi-million dollar industry.


Internet Shopping

With more shoppers turning to Internet shopping rather than traditional avenues of purchasing. This has resulted in increased competition among online retailers, and a new way of shopping has emerged.

Shopping online has been popularized by the development of the Internet as a communication medium between buyers and sellers. The Internet allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly with one another in order to find the best deals available, as well as to check out and pay for their purchases.

Online Shopping in Pakistan


Direct Connection

This direct connection between buyer and seller is one of the primary reasons that online shoppers are choosing to shop via the Internet over traditional shopping venues.

When customers shop in person, they must make repeated trips to various shops in order to find the best deal on the product or service they want.

However, when online shopping, buyers are able to shop in their own time, sitting at home, which allows them to take care of other family responsibilities without having to worry about what to do with all the extra money they saved from buying a cheaper product.



Online shopping in Pakistan has also become increasingly competitive due to the growth of many online retailers. With these retailers, customers can now choose from an extensive list of products to purchase online and have them shipped directly to their doorsteps.

With this increased convenience, the number of online shoppers is on the rise as well. Customers may choose from a wider range of products than they would in physical retail outlets, meaning that the price of online shopping has decreased as the number of online retailers increase.

One of the most successful online retail websites in Pakistan is, which offers a wide variety of home appliances, electronics, clothing, shoes, accessories.

All of these items are available at great discounts on the website, which has enabled it to build an international reputation for offering affordable, yet high quality items for a wide array of consumers.

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