MEPCO Bill Calculation

The MEPCO Bill Calculation is very easy to calculate the electricity bill and tariff for Electrical Engineering Students but, it makes confusion for non-technical people that concern about their electric charges from the electricity service providers.

Below is a simple example and calculation about electricity bill. If you pick this, you will be able to calculate your MEPCO Bill very easily.

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Suppose, a consumer consumes 1000 watts’ load per hour daily for one month. Calculate The Total Energy bill of the consumer if per unit rate is 9 (In $, £, €, INR, PRs, DHR, Riyal etc.) [Take 1 month = 30 Days].


1unit = 1kWh.

So Total kWh = 1000 Watts x 24 Hrs. x 30 Days = 720000 watts/hour.

we Want to convert it into Units, Where is 1unit = 1kWh.
So total Consumed units. 720000/1000…… (k=kilo=1000).
Total Units = 720.
Cost of per unit is 9.

So total Cost or Electricity bill= 720 x 9 = 6480. (In $, £, €, INR, PRs, DHR, Riyal etc.). You have Done 

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How do you calculate current bill?

Mepco bill calculate the watts each device uses per day and check calculation after a week.

Convert watts to kilowatts. There are 1000 watts in one kilowatt.

Determine the kilowatts an appliance uses per month.

Figure out the cost. (Some multiplication required.)

Figure Out the Cost

Monthly Usage (kWh) x Electric Rate ($/kWh) = Approximate Cost per Month

Example: A television using 11.25 kWh/Month with an electric rate of $0.10/kWh
11.25 kWh x $0.10 = $1.13/Month

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